All-In-ONE PC Intel Core i7-4790

All-In-ONE PC Intel Core i7-4790 The  all in one desktop computer does not require our cumbersome connection, just plug in the power source. Anyone who has used i7 all in one will find it much more convenient to use an all in one computer. i7 all in one uses the same components as the desktop computer, the latest cpu processor, large-capacity memory, and high-speed solid-state hard drive. What's more, it also has the advantage of a large screen that a notebook can't match, with more screen content displayed and a wider field of view.1920*1080 FHD high-definition large screen, playing games, watching blockbuster movies, wide field of vision without boundaries, easy to enjoy the immersive experience 72% NTSC wide color gamut, with a wider range of red/green, rich color performance, vivid and expressive picture details IPS screen 178 degrees, wide viewing angle, positive/measured viewing angle, can get vivid colors, saturated natural high-quality images Independe…


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