faux shearling sheep jacket

    Faux-fur Jacket, faux shearling sheepskin, faux fur lining, new loose fit, loose fit on shoulders and arms, comfortable lining and outer build, zip front for easy stacking      PU leather is a kind of artificial leather, which is "ploy urethane" in English and "polyurethane" in chemical Chinese. He has extremely excellent abrasion resistance, excellent cold resistance and breathability, and is inexpensive, making it the most popular leather jacket material in recent years. Moreover, PU leather has no peculiar smell of genuine leather. Faux Fur Short Jacket is washable and easy to maintain. It meets international environmental protection requirements and ingredient standards. It is a new generation of fashionable fabrics. PU leather is artificial leather, which is more in line with the modern values of caring for animals and living in harmony with nature Company Profile     Taizhou Osley Garments Co., Ltd. was establ…


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