Wholesale Fashion Ladies Denim Shorts

Wholesale Fashion Ladies Denim Shorts The classic denim fabric is selected, which has a delicate feel, is a relatively light and textured fabric, and the upper body is elastic. The upper body is not stiff, skin-friendly and soft without losing stiffness. After the process of washing, the color is more solid, and the color will not fade for a long time. High temperature ironing, washing process, skin-friendly and soft, without losing a sense of stiffness. In addition, we also sell Women Denim, Men Denim, Kids Denim, Custom Jeans, Maternity Jeans, Oversized Jean Jacket Womens. For more details, please click to browse or consult us. Dongguan Jianlong Garment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on the  whole category design, production and sales of denim clothing with nearly 15  years of domestic and foreign brand orientation research and development and  flexible production service experience. We have a professional and efficient  bus…


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