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Ningbo Hoojet electric appliance, Co., Ltd products and sales as a whole,specializes in manufacture of high reliability,widely used GFCI-ground fault circuit protector Sockets and switches,panels,junction boxes and other electrical accessories,technical indicators in line with the United States,and Canada,and Mexico electrical specifications. Barep General Electric and insist on using the best quality materials,high-precision parts manufacturing, product design makes it easy to assemble,meet customer requirements,the electrical properties are in line with standards such as UL943.UL498.UL20.UL514C Barep General Electric and all products are made in CULUS certification,the company has ISO9001:2008 certification,products are widely used in the living room,kitchen,bathroom and various power tools,generators,are exported to North America,South America and Europe and other regions. Mission is everything,we will closely follow the pace,walk in the fr…

Generator WR GFCI UL TR&WR GFCI UL WR GFCI UL TR GFCI UL Duplex Receptacle TR UL Regular GFCI UL 4A USB TR UL Screwless Wall Plate

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