Yangzhou Positioning Tech. Co., Ltd. (The Brand is Known as YZPST) Proficient Products' list: * Power Thyristors[In Stud & Capsule Packages]: * Phase Control Thyristors, * Inverter thyristors, * Reverse Conducting Thyristors (RCT), * Asymmetric thyristors, * Fast Switching thyristors, * High frequency thyristors, * Welding thyristors, * Solid state relays, * Bi-directional thyristor; * Power Diodes[In Stud, Capsule & Plastic Packages]: * Rectifier diode (Standard diode), * Standard recovery diode, * Fast recovery diodes, * High voltage diode, * Schottky diode, * Welding diode, * Press-Fit diode; * Ceramic Housings * Transitors, Triacs & SCRs: * Triac (two-way SCR), * Snubberless Triac, * MOSFET, SiC MOSFET, * Transistor, * IGBT, * TSS, TVS, * Chips; * Semiconductor Modules: * Thyristor-thyristor modules, * Thyristor-diode modules, * Single diode modules and thyristor modules, * Single-Phase Rectifier Bridge Modules, * Fast R…

BAM Power Transmission Capacitors Fast Recovery Diode Welding Diode Rectifier Diode(Standard Diode) Plastic Package Diode Damping and Absorption Capacitors IGBT Module Phase Control Stud Thyristor Bi Directions Thyristor (Triac) Inverter Thyristor RAM/RFM Induction Heating Capacitors Diode Module

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