Changchun Realpoo Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Changchun Realpoo Photoelectric Co., ltd a professional leading manufacture of optics in the world. Realpoo possess Experienced engineer,Professional production line,exellent testing machine as well as advanced inspection instrusment. With the advanteges,we offer optical products in the fileds of University laboratory, Industry, Scientific research, Medical treatment, Mechanical equipments, lasers and Construction industry and so on. We are confident because we have good team work, strict quality control system, best after-sales service. "Superior quality, Best service."Realpoo will insist on the goal to guarantee your satisfaction!

Laser Protective Lens Laser Aspheric Lens Glass Rod Sapphire Product Laser Collimator Lens Double Concave Lens Optical Ball Lens Plano Concave Lens Fresnel Lens Plano Convex Lens Line Laser Module Achromatic Lens Dot Laser Module Plano Convex Cylindrical Lens Plane Diffraction Grating Right Angle Prism

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