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Rimless Industry Co., Ltd. (RIMLESS) is devoted to the global brand operating and integrating, sale and after-sale services of biomedical materials, high-end medical devices, regenerative aesthetic products, cosmetics and beauty tools. RIMLESS is the exclusive distributor, exporter and global brand licensor of REBORN. We take REBORN and RIMLESS as the core brands, biomedical materials and their applications in the medical field as the main business, and the high-end medical devices as the research and development direction. Our company organically combines professional biotechnology development and production capabilities with advanced brand marketing concepts to build a 7X24 hours global service system to provide the customers with different cultural backgrounds and usage habits around the world with high-quality pre-sale, sale and after-sale services. At present, our products have covered more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and we have establi…

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Dermal Filler For Acne Scars Dermal Fillers Under Eyes Anti-wrinkle Injections Microsphere Fillers For Face Rejuvenation Poly DL-lactide-co-glycolide PDLGA Reborn PLLA Hydrogel Body Care Poly L-lactic Acid PLLA

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