Zoolied Inc.


Zoolied Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality precision optical components, laser accessories and measuring equipments for a wide range of laser, medical, transportation, biometrics, aerospace and other fields solutions. At Zoolied Inc., our research and development team constantly strive to develop pioneering technologies and deliver innovative products for the tactical market. Zoolied Inc. was established in 2015,over the past years, Zoolied Brand products not only have been tested and put into trial operation and delivered for use in various divisions of the domestic market, but also exported to North America, Southeast Asia and Europe. The presence of positive reviews and the absence of complaints on their part confirms the high quality of Zoolied.

Beamsplitter Plate Fused Silica Windows and Wafers Sapphire Tube And Ring Au Coating Mirrors Microplate Reader Filters Sapphire Buby Balls Beamsplitter Prisms 4 Inch Silicon Wafers Si/Ge Windows and Wafers Fused Silica Ball Lens Corner Cube Prisms UVC Filters Nd Yag Rod Sapphire Windows And Wafers

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